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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 23, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. witnesses say it sounded like a fire bomb, a small plane crashed in the mountains outside phoenix. rescuers are hiking to the crash site but it could be hours before they reach the area it is that rugged. we are monitoring the situation closely from the newsroom
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tonight. >> reporter: actually they air lifted deputies to the top of the mountain because that is the easiest way to get there. from the bottom it is 6 hour hike in daylight. the chance of survivors does not seem likely. the fire is still burning atop of supe superstition mountains. they are calling it a small wildfire at this point. they air lifted deputies to the top of the mountain. they have yet to find any one, dead or alive. they were using infrared technology earlier but couldn't see anything with that. the latest we are hearing this is a dual engine plane that went down. the sheriff just gave us an update and here is what he had to say. >> there are reports that a plane took off from arizona and flew in falcon field in mesa to refuel at 4:30 this afternoon.
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reports still unconfirmed. a lot of information throughout right now that three small children boarded the aircraft and with the pilot a mechanic and another adult so there could be as many as six people aboard. where this plane crashed just prior to 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, we have two deputies on scene at the very location of the crash scene. two separate parties of four county deputies and volunteers flown to the top of the mountain and searching the area. >> it is rugged terrain. this you tube video, the first flash is when the plane went down and then you see the second bright flash. they talk about the fact that it could have split in half and that is why there is two debris fields and it would be hard for anything to hit that mountain and stay in one piece. that was youtube video that you saw right there.
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again, people reported seeing things that sounded like a fire bomb. they thought it was a bomb that went off. they were calling regarding an explosion that they heard and this is what we are finding out. the ntsb from here in california are on their way to the scene so should be there by noon tomorrow. for now the local service office is handling all the information. i will get the latest information and have the latest and what they have to say tonight at a 1* 1:00. >> thanks for keeping tabs on that for us. tragedy in phoenix. if you are waiting for a friend or family member flying into san francisco international airport tonight as i am, he or she may be late. flights to sfo from all over the united states running up to two hours late because of the weather. low cloud ceilings is the problem. airport operations on flow control until 1 a&m. at oakland two flights from southern, california also
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running late. in the meantime, the holiday get it is away got tough in milpedas. as many as five cars involved in an accident. in the sierra, snow on the road but traffic moving okay. this was the scene on highway 80 at apple gate. spence spence is keeping an eye on the weather and -- spencer christian is here with a look at radar. >> the most challenging weather conditions for travel will occur overnight when not many people will be traveling. the live doppler 7 hd. lots of rainfall across parts of the north bay. in sonoma county from clover dale down to hills berg down to santa rosa and southwest down to inverness and out to the coast so it is beginning to push inland now spreading
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eastward and southward. we had this little pocket of light rainfall down the santa cruz mountains throughout the evening. it is spreading from the valley down to los gatos to santa cruz. thanksgiving day off to a wet start but we expect a dry finish. give yew close up look at that late. we will focus on how to ends, not how to starts. >> despite the spotty weather people are in line waiting to shop for black friday deals already. at the best buy store in sacramento shoppers set up tents but were kicked out because they violate the no camping ordinance. shoppers still in line overnight but staying warm in front of donated heaters. alan wang is live at the best buy tonight. there are diehards everywhere. >> this is an occupy tent. the city is not complaining about. so far we have 7 tents in front of the best buy with the first
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pitched last night. these hardcore black friday shoppers are prepared to miss thanksgiving dinner and brave an oncoming rainstorm for what they say are some incredible buys. 50 to 70% off on many items. one of the hottest items a 42-inch sharp flat screen tv for just $199. there is a limited number and they want to get one. inside the store employees are preparing for that they are calling organized chaos. for the first time best buy and several other large retailers opening up earlier at 12 midnight. >> it's fun. some people. for me it's fun. plus i get to save some money. we're talking almost $400 savings. >> it is the rush. everybody comes out here just to do it. more than just the sale, it is the adrenaline rush. >> we had some competitors open
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up last year at midnight so the goal is to try and get the customers back. >> reporter: this year, macy's kohl's and target are opening earlier at midnight. to the to be outdone toys 'r us and wal-mart are opening at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night thus turning black friday into black thursday. there have been grumblings amongst retail employees about this because thanksgiving and christmas used to be guaranteed days off but not if you are renaming thanksgiving black thursday. reporting live, alan wang, abc 7 news. thanks very much. well, different sort of holiday for a family in the bay area to be sure. for a san jose family home for the holidays takes on a special meaning. their young marine is home. badly wounded but home. karina rusk reports from san jose international airport where he came back to his family today. >> reporter: daniel franke had
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a look of surprise when saw the crowd waiting for him but it was he who surprised them by walking. >> we are proud of him. very brave. very courageous. >> he joined the marines right after high school and trained to work with dogs that sniffed out impriviesed devices. >> all the explosives went off so i only got a little bit of -- not all went off. if they all went off i would have been dead almost guaranteed so lucky. >> he is the sixth marine in his platoon in recent months to step on an ied. one died, four lost limbs. >> we should be thankful for all of them, not just daniel in general but maybe he should represent everybody that serves. >> reporter: the 24-year-old marine will be fitted next week for a prosthetic left foot and is already are planning his future. >> definitely going to be law enforcement. as far as what type, i don't
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know. working with k-9 is what i have been doing. >> reporter: every home coming, every family gathering will have special meaning this holiday but for this family there is an extra reason to give thanks. >> i'm happy he is home and we are able to be here with thanksgiving with him. beyond words. >> reporter: and daniel's mom janet has been with him at the hospital so the family is also grateful to have her home. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. welcome home, indeed. an attempt to steal fuel from a bay area gas station may have sparked a fire near santa rosa according to investigators. these pictures from the press democrat show the damage to the union 76 gas station that is now red tagged for obvious reasons. the fire also destroyed a carpet cleaning van. surveillance video shows three people collecting fuel in an unsafe plastic co container abt
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4:00 this morning. they believe something in the van ignited an explosion and fire. all three people ran off but one man who had been burned was found walking down highway 12 not far away. johannes mehserle was back in court today this time as a defendant in a police brutality case which reportedly took place six weeks before bart passenger oscar grant was killed. >> reporter: johannes mehserle came to court with his other and the other four defendants who are all still bart officers. kenneth kaile caruthers is suig them. he says he is still suffering from the trauma. >> any are not allowed to hit nobody or beat nobody up. >> watching the proceedings were the uncle and aunt of oscar grant the bart rider mehserle shot and killed six weeks later on new year's day,
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2009. >> this thought pattern that johannes mehserle has needs to be addressed and bart failed to do that with kenneth caruthers, thereby allowing him to bill oscar grant. >> caruthers says his car was broke noon and officers attacked him when made a remark that police did nothing about it. h his lawyer says he was hog-tied, a restraining procedure banned by bart police. >> you put the legs around arms in shackles and tie them together like they are a pig. >> the defendants disputed the claim saying they used what is called a only restraint, a nylon strap which loops around the leg bus caruthers was kicking as he was being subdued. messer lamehserle wrote caruths using profanity and confrontational and aggressive.
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dale allen is the defendant's lawyer. >> he was grabbed because it appeared he was about to hit another officer in the back of the head who was walking away. >> caruthers is asking for half a million dollars. bart rejected the initial claim and they are now fighting the case in court on behalf of mehserle and his four officers. the trial which started monday is expected to end next week. vic lee, abc 7 news. there is much more to get to this thanksgiving eve. coming up, occupy san francisco protesters facing the threat of a lawsuit and new pressure to move. backlash from the uc davis pepper spray incident and why is pizza store is caught in the fallout. plus, how women in bikinis are attempting to improve the reputation of great white
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a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. for occupy protesters in san francisco the only thing worse than a police raid is being moved to a spot where no one will see them and tonight there is growing pressure to force occupiers out of justin herman plaza. a high profile location protesters do not want to lose. the story from. the threat of a lawsuit has been presented to city hall so
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they are quite aware of it. the mayor. the board of supervisors are quite aware of the teat of a lawsuit. >> jim cleveland is with the building owners and managers association which represents commercial properties. he says the encampment has caused financial losss. >> we are saying enough is enough. it is time to move the camp. >> reporter: the department of public works director has talked to campers about relocating and recently took some on a tour of the former phoenix continuation high school in the mission. demonstrators we talked with today say they have no intention of pitching tents there. >> i saw the space. that is -- we are not visible. we are not visible then how are we going to get our message across? >> reporter: the site is owned by the school district which would have to agree to lease the land. school board president mendoza told us at this point everything is so preliminary there really isn't much to say.
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and that is what mayor ed lee told us today. >> that is just talk right now. i don't know all the details. i would have to wait to see whether agencies of the city have been talking with them about ideas. >> a shop manager in the mission says the school grounds might be all right. >> i wouldn't mind it as long as it was is peaceful, safe and the area stays clean. >> but again, the protesters say no way. >> they are trying to send us away and we are not going to go anywhere. >> reporter: a source within the school district tells us the school board would say no way to the use of this site for that purpose. in san francisco, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. occupy oakland protesters searching for a new home. they were kicked off a private lot at 18th and linden streets in west oakland. the protesters took over the vacant lot on monday. they claimed at the time the property was in foreclosure and the owner had given them permission to protect the land
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from being foreclosed. the owner said that was not true and asked police to move them along last night which the police did. the protester left without incident. meantime, more fallout from the viral video getting national attention. lieutenant john pike caught pepper spraying protesters who are sitting there passively at uc davis. it is now a college in crisis and tonight we are hearing about new threats and harassment of unintended targets in all of this. the store arery from kristin drew. police are trying to figure out who has made more than 40 orders at this davis dominoes store, all of them to the address posted as lieutenant john pikes. the owner thinks the orders are a prank against pike. the police officer who pepper sprayed protesters at uc davis. >> i think if anything it speaks to the fact that people aren't quite sure whom to hold responsible or how to react in the face of these kinds of situations.
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>> the domino's owner filed an incident report with davis police. he says people were making orders online and by phone using pike's personal cell phone number and work number. the person was also using pike's previously listed residence as the delivery address. at the city of davis police department, more uninvited backlash. dispatchers have taken 200 calls from people upset about the pepper spray incident. callers have mistaken the city police department with university police. >> the calls have to be answered by someone. we have two to three dispatchers working at any time. it is taking up resources from people that need urgent or emergency services at the time. one last note here, the owner of the pizza store says he has lost hundreds of dollars from the fake pee d pizza ordet keep coming in. touch back with spencer christian on the forecast. messy conditions on both coasts disrupting travel and looks
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like not a perfect day tomorrow. >> not at all. we will take an imperfect day, though. it is thanksgiving after all. the rain coming in will probably extend into at least aft early morning hours tomorrow. san francisco it is not raining yet but the rain is getting closer. cloudy skies across the bay area. we have wet weather up in the north bay. live doppler 7 hd and just a few hours ago confined to northern sonoma county and points north of that. now, spreading south almost down into -- well, it is down into parts of marin county. you can see that from ukiah down to sonoma county. light to moderate rainfall and pockets of heavy rain as well. getting really wet up north and a little wetter with light rain in the santa cruz mountains. is all we have at the moment but the rain sweeping southward tonight. showers linger into tomorrow morning and possibly to mid day and then dry and mild for the
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weekend. now, our satellite radar composite shows eight roaching frontal system bringing all the moisture in our direction. we are are looking at rain tonight and tomorrow morning but the afternoon might actually be mostly sunny. within one hour from the strike of midnight we will see heavier rainfall beginning to sweep down through the central part of the viewing area through san francisco and to the peninsula and lighter rain farther east and south. overnight until 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning the rain sweeping to the south bay and east bay. dry out in the north bay in the early morning hours but still lots of wet weather over the remainder of the bay area. during the afternoon hours the rain pushes out and then maybe a few spots of showers or light rainfall in the afternoon hours. the clearing will begin after the noon time. so, rainfall totals we project by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon anywhere from three quarter inch to inch and a half in the north bay. one quarter to three quarters
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in the about 90s will. a tenth to a quarter inch in the south bay and up to one inch in the santa cruz mountains. thisth system will not hold its structure all the way out to the sierra so there will be very little precipitation in tahoe tomorrow. light snow at elevations 6,000 feet and above. holiday travel will not be inhibited or impeded by weather. the bay area rainy overnight with low temperatures mainly in the low 50s. a mild overnight period and tomorrow a cool day. lots of clouds around. a little sun showing itself first up in the north bay as the rain sweeps southward. in the monterey bay the rain last to depart. highs only in the upper 50s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a dry day on friday and then many dry days to follow. going to get quite mild over the weekend with high temperatures in the upper 60s
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to around 70 on sunday and monday and then mild and dry weather will last into mid week next week and perhaps beyond. rain overnight. rain early tomorrow but we do expect some clearing in the afternoon hours tomorrow. look. >> looks like a wonderful holiday weekend. >> it will be a great holiday weekend. >> still ahead here tonight. health warning aover-the-countr that can be deadly even in small doses. also ahead, walk the day and woo why this saturday will provide a abú
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a couple of health items. people who find themselves wide awake in the middle of the night have a new get back to sleep pill. the fda approved the pill today after rejecting it twice before. the first treatment of its kind designed to h help patients
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fall back to sleep more quickly after waking up in the middle of the night. on the subject it is fairly common to exceed the dosage of over-the-counter pain killers but researchers say taking too much acetaminophen can be deadly. taking too much over days or weeks builds up in the liver and doctors cannot always identify the problem in time to help them. in fact, overdosing on tylenol is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the the united states according to the food and drug administration. the rain has not even areeved and a coastal section of mill valley already flooded. shoreline highway frequently ends up underwater and cal transp. is warning it could be worse tomorrow. high tides hits at 9 a&m just as the runoff is building up
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from the overnight rain that spencer told us about. meantime, sea stars and sea urchins among the aquatic life you may be able to see. the national weather service says the earth moon and sun are expected to line up to create what is called a negative tide on the california coast. meteorologistists believe land that is normally under 5 or 8 feet of water will be dry off to walk on saturday afternoon and the reef at pillar point is expected to be fully exposed at 3:15. interesting phenomenon. >> how much meth residue is safe to have in your home? believe it or not, it is a bigger problem than you might realize. the i-team tonight on the toxic meth lab leftovers that are contaminating local houses. plus, the missing mars probe has been found. also tonight, the latest craze in cemetery plots in
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italy. stay with
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good evening. thanks for tuning in. we will start the half hour with a special report. with methamphetamine use on the rise many homes in the bay area now contaminated with residue from meth labs and california has one of the weakest regulations on how much meth residue should be allowed in a home after a meth lab has been shut down by authorities. dan noyes with the danger and debate over are this. >> reporter: this was supposed to be magglio rita gutierrez perfect home. >> i moved in here expecting it was a nice home. >> reporter: instead what she rented was a meth house. >> i didn't even know about it.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: the i-team found the house in a state database of former meth labs and broke the news to her. her first concern, her kid's health. our tests found the drug in thous. it is measured in high crow grams of meth her 100 square centimeters or area the size of this paper square. the samples came back at .61. six times over the old limit of 0.1 but under alaska's new limit of 1 point -- under california's new limit that went into effect last year. >> why change it? it should be 0.0. >> reporter: only california and wyoming allow a 1.5 limit. most states use the 0.1 the lowest rate detectable by a
9:34 pm
test. state toxicologist authored the study recommending the looser 1.5 limit for meth residue. he says cleanup companies were having trouble scrubbing down to the 0.1 standard so the state decided to take a new approach. >> it was based on assessment of potential risk to humans. >> the study is the first on the real health dangers of meth rescue. he looked at studies of similar prescribed drugs from the amphetamine family such as ritalin. >> identified a thresholdle for methamphetamine effects in rue humans. a five milligram dose is a dose that will produce effects.
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>> humans but very little effect. >> it was is miss representative to the public. >> joe ma xue kailey has been dep. contaminating homes for a decade. he thinks, california, got it wrong. >> it if you say it is healthy to have that much meth in a property and guy in as a certified contractor and remediate it to that standard and somebody gets sick or dies it is your liability. >> mazuka doesn't believe the study is realistic because it looked at prescribed. he says the new, california standard does not address the other hazardous chemicals created when cooking health such as foss fine or iodine. >> our directive was to develop a cleanup standard for meth. there is sort of a tacid assumption if you clean up methamphetamine to the standard that we have come up with that
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you will be cleaning up the other chemicals as well. >> how do i know this won't jeopardize their lives in three to five years? >> reporter: the unknowns are adding up for mar rita and her family. are she will get more information about the next place they live and make sure it is not a meth house. >> before you move in a home make sure you get it tested or find out because this could be you. >> we did a second test just on her heater and came back twice the state limit. the landlord claims he doesn't know it was a meth house and elle do anything he can to clean it up. the tests cost just $45. you can do it yourself. also check out the state's list of meth busts dating back to 1995 in the i-team backlog at for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. yemen's president signed a historic agreement to step down. he has held power for 33 years but faced widespread protests
9:37 pm
in recent months. as part of the agreement he will transfer power to the strap and the nation will hold elections. -- power to the vice president and the nation will hold elections. the u.s. and its allies have been pressing elections. in italy, grave robbing is of such concern a luxury funeral company there has devised an alarm system to alert police of would be diggers. it monitors vibrations in the grave. there have been several cases of stolen corpses. a missing russian space probe has finally made contact with earth. it was launched successfully --
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the best case scenario here is a software glitch that can be fixed remotely. but if the problem is with bad hardware the probe is likely a total loss. coming up next, something you have not seen before. swimming with the sharks in a new way. as we continue it has never been done, a nerve wracking experiment that may change the way the world thinks about
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a bold undertaking from national geographic. an experiment designed to prove that we may not have much to fear from sharks and helping prove that claim, women in bikinis. more tonight from abc's bill weir. >> a swimmer spots a shark feet away and back on the furnace her terror is visible and
9:42 pm
understandable. >> the damage they can do, i have seen it and it is too much for me. >> yet she and her friends choose to jump back into the water and bait them with the sight of pale flesh and smell of blood and urine and a flash of jewelry, part of an experiment to prove that sharks are not man eaters after all. dr. ryan johnson is the marine biologist behind the idea and by sight and name he knows the great whites better than any one. he has used robotic seals to prove that they use light from the shore to hunt at night. he even had a shark accidentally jump into his boat. he has also seen how the predators behave themselves less than a half mile from some of the most popular beaches in africa. aren't you at all worryd that
9:43 pm
one anybodile could set it all this back -- nibble could set tall week and rein still the fear? >> a shark attack is tragic for shark conservation. >> friday night he will send his shark angels back in the water on live television. bill weir, in south africa. >> well, work a wave of his hand, president obama gave two plump turkeys a thanksgiving reprieve. liberty sat calmly as the president and his daughters offered a blessing. another turkey named peace was also spare. >> tomorrow is one of the best days of the year to be an american. it is a day to count our blessings, spend time with the ones we love and enjoy some good food and some great company. but it is also one of the worst days of the year to be a it
9:44 pm
turkey. >> he is right about that. these two turkeys, however, will retire to the historic home of george, washington, in mount vernon, virginia. stay with us as we continue tonight. the u.s. airways passenger on flight 901 from alaska to philadelphia as he put it he didn't fly, he stood. and the
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over 100 cars trapped in a gooey mess in pennsylvania where a leaking tanker dropped drive way sealant over 40 miles of the highway. workers tried to scrape is off the road. it. the mess means botched
9:48 pm
thanksgiving plans and some nerve wracking driving. >> driving like you had a flat. >> our car was like driving rough. >> this is thanksgiving. now, we to turn around and go back home. >> that has to be replaced. rims have to be replaced and the rest taken off. >> the sealant can only be removed with special chemicals apparently. the fortunate drivers were able to make it to gas stations. plenty of others were stranded on the highway. a real inconvenience. now, to tales from the sky. a passenger had to stand during a 7 hour flight because an extremely obese man sitting next to him made it impossible to get into his seat and hook up his seatbelt. arthur was flying from anchorage to philadelphia. he could not move because the plane was so full so he was forced to stand up. he says the obese man was very sorry. he was kind about it. but u.s. airways says we realize it is inconvenient but it is our obligation to be
9:49 pm
safe. u.s. airways has offered him 200 bucks. not good enough. he says he wants his $800 ticket refunded. let's go update the forecast one last time. rain is moving in. spencer christian is here. a live doppler 7 hd showing rain in the north bay spreading from mendocino county. it will soon be in napa county. pockets of heavy rain as well. in the suze mountains expanding area of light -- in the santa cruz mountains expanding er ara of light rainfall. rainfall up north around eureka. rain in the morning, clearing in the afternoon and a string of dry days with mild afternoon and high temperatures in the
9:50 pm
upper 60s to about 70 by sunday. >> not bad. thanks very much. >> for anybody who fantastic sizes about playing big-time sports the minnesota wild has thrown the equivalent of a hail mary pass in a desperate search for a goaltender. they signed a 51-year-old hockey goaltender as an emergency backup. the regular goaltender could not play at one point. his backup flight was delayed so they asked him to step in. he runs a print shop and has played in practice above. a as it turns out he did not end up playing. another backup called. he was this close. pretty cool. must have been excited. >> the sharks had a similar situation last year with a college kid. >> that's right. >> up in canada because they were on a road trip and got caught up with injuries. he didn't play either as it turned out but very close and on the bench for the game. a lot of fun there. in sports tornado, th tonight,d basketball team has not been
9:51 pm
this good in years.
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coming up tonight, occupy san francisco's new plan to take on the big banks. how protesters hope that you will play a role. and a self-proclaimed superhero who fights crime is also fighting in the courts. the ruling for vigilante justice ahead in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry beil is here. he does not wear a cape but he did bring an article of othing to show off tonight. >> the fashion report, dan. unique attire for thanksgiving and a company called torn is selling the jerseys, half niner, half ravens specifically for the game on thursday. red and gold faithful all the way you just want to get rid of the black and purple but if you are jack harbaugh you wear this during the game. as for the game, the 49ers head east with a 9-1 record and take on the 7-3 ravens. figure on a defensive dominated
9:55 pm
struggle. first time head coaching brothers will square off on the sidelines. hugh jackson of the raiders a unique perspective used to coach on the ravens staff. here is his take on the har-poul. >> jim will go down with his basketball fema and it will be a slugfest. a rough, tough football game. that much i do know. the outcome, the guys at battle baltimore would probably kill me but i think it is going to be a heck of a football game. >> what about the raiders? a game with the bears on sunday. silver and black. injuries to derrius hayward bay and danarius moore left the raiders with only three healthy wide-outs. >> makes it difficult. you know, you don't get the same guys in the field from the week before. that rhythm and timing thing slows down a little bit. >> i'm concerned about it?
9:56 pm
yeah. any time you don't practice, i think it is tough. i think we will be okay. guys will keep working at it and by the end of the week hopefully have these guys back. >> stanford hosts notre dame. see the game at 5:00 p.m. on abc 7 the cardinal number 6 in the bcs and coach david shaw not happy about that. stanford 10-1. they trail fellow one loss teams like fourth ranked oklahoma state and number five virginia tech in the bowl championship series rankings. here is shaw. >> it is a system that we don't understand why is why the bcs people themselves have promoted a lot of different changes going forward. i don't underit and nobody understands what is more important than other things and what the the computers do and what we programmed the computers to do. >> cal fen initials the regular season day after thanksgiving friday night at arizona state. the bears are 6-5. so they are already bowl eligible. to also 6-5 but they just lost
9:57 pm
their arch rival arizona. somebody is going to get to 7 wins and the bears are hoping it is them. >> we are playing a hungry football team in arizona state. very similar to us. just lost a close game to a rival. going be motivated. very important we match the motivation and intensity. >> urban meyer says no deal is done but reports indicate he has agreed in principle to become the next head coach at ohio state. meyer won two national championships at florida and then had health concerns and took the past year off. he has been working for espn. he will reportedly get a 7 yer deal with the buckeyes. first period, jamie mcginn, man on a mission. shot hits the post. how does my shoulder taste.
9:58 pm
tastes like chicken. mariamarian hosa flat out misss here. tries to go five-hole, right between the legs and denied. face-off in the second period. sharks win it. the puck finds its way to jason demeares. sharks take a 1-0 lead. and that is how it wouldent. niemi, 34 saves. first shutout of the year. make it 12 wins in the last 15 for the men in teel. stanford spending the holiday in new york in madison square garden. senior josh owens a beast early on for the cardinals. steal and slam. 21 for owens tonight. brian williams throwing down. all cardinal from there. late first half a 14-5 run. aaron bright had 15. seconds remaining, anthony
9:59 pm
drown. they start the sechalf on a 12-0 run. andrew zimmerman lefty can shoot from outside. stanford 9 of 19 from long range. randall from up top and more from randall. he had 17. that made it 70-42. the cardinal can crushed the cowboys and they love on to the finals. 82-67. and they are undefeated early this season. so like the football team. >> well, the football team was undefeated until a little date with oregon. >> both teams playing great. >> and you had a funny line because it sounded like he said we have a fraud system and he said flawed. >> he would agree with fraud system as well. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. for larry beil, spencer christian i'm dan ashley. thank you for


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